The Wise Woman’s Almanac:
A Seasonal Guide with Recipes for New Beginnings that Never Go Out of Season



The Wise Woman's Almanac by Connie Pshigoda

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It doesn’t matter what age you are … author and Natural Health Consultant Connie Pshigoda has crafted a variety of seasonal health tips and delicious recipes to satisfy your hunger for a better life and year-round well-being. Within the Wise Woman’s Almanac, she connects Nature’s seasons and your natural life rhythms, resulting in perfect harmony and balance.

The result is the perfect formula for today’s woman.

Stephanie Manville

Stephanie Manville

The Wise Woman’s Almanac is a gift of wisdom, otherwise lost or unknown to so many of us these days. I am healthy and fit, yet I have always obtained my food from grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Just as I was becoming aware of all that I never learned due to my lack of experience in growing and preparing food from the garden, The Almanac came into my life. It filled in so many gaps regarding the nutritional benefits of various foods, as well as our needs across the seasons of the year, and the seasons of our lives. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your wealth of information, as well as bits of your family story.
Stephanie Manville, School Social Worker, LCSW, Contemporary Learning Academy

I was given this book as a gift and what a wonderful gift it has been. Ms. Pshigoda has a warm, easy-to-read style of writing and enjoyable stories to tell about growing up and helping out on her parents farm. She draws you into her almanac as easily as a neighbor inviting you in for an afternoon cup of tea, but you receive so much more- good health, good thoughts and delicious, seasonally appropriate recipes. Her Country Cucumber Salad is already a staple at our family dinners.Julie Griffin

If you select food in a random or whimsical way, this book will open your eyes and guide you to new ways of choosing and preparing food that is in harmony with the seasons. The Wise Woman’s Almanac is gracefully packed with wisdom and valuable advice. Your body and your health will thank you for integrating the lessons of this book into your life.Lisa J. Shultz