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Stephanie ManvilleThe Wise Woman’s Almanac is a gift of wisdom, otherwise lost or unknown to so many of us these days. I am healthy and fit, yet I have always obtained my food from grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Just as I was becoming aware of all that I never learned due to my lack of experience in growing and preparing food from the garden, The Almanac came into my life. It filled in so many gaps regarding the nutritional benefits of various foods, as well as our needs across the seasons of the year, and the seasons of our lives. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your wealth of information, as well as bits of your family story.

Stephanie Manville, School Social Worker, LCSW, Contemporary Learning Academy

Wow, what a well done book (The Wise Woman’s Almanac). I loved the her connection to growing up on the family farm and the analogies with the season of the year compared to the seasons of our life. There are wonderful quotes and scriptures throughout for thoughtful reflections. There are work pages in each section to record and assess where you are at. The book has a very genuine tone coming from a wise friend that feels positive and supportive. Connie encourages women to be mindful and present to make better choices to improve your health by eating seasonal veges and she includes recipes for each season.

N. Laney

THE WISE WOMAN’S ALMANAC by Connie Pshigoda is a beautifully written and illustrated book on ways a woman can maintain spiritual and physical well-being throughout her lifetime. The author uses gardening during the various seasons as an analogy to help women assess what they need to maintain good health, both mentally and physically. Each chapter begins with Connie’s memories of her childhood on the farm to help readers relate what tools are needed in their arsenal to maintain wellness throughout yearly seasonal and life changes. Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the book, along with questions every person should answer to help establish a healthy routine. I particularly liked the easy-to-understand explanations of how each organ functions in the body and the foods that are required to maintain the various systems. On top of all of this, there are wonderful recipes for each season. I highly recommend this book as a guide for women who are seeking guidance on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Linnea Tanner

Before working with Connie, I knew that I needed to make changes in my diet, but was really struggling with how to put together healthy meals that actually tasted good. On top of that, I had been addicted to sugar, breads and pastas for years. The idea of enjoying food without these staples was unthinkable!

Connie immediately knew how to help. She has helped me to discover healthy and delicious substitutions for sugars, breads and pastas. She has assisted me with meal planning. She has even been my cheerleader when I’ve had a couple of weeks I considered to be setbacks. In the three months I’ve been working with Connie, I no longer crave candy, pasta or chips like I used to! This has been an amazing change for my life – Although she has taught me to stop focusing on the scale, I have already lost 10 pounds, and getting close to my weight goal!

Connie tells the truth in love. She is encouraging and inspiring. Her coaching has helped me to feel stronger, healthier and more energetic in my 50’s. In fact, I feel like the years are rolling back for me…thank you Connie!

Michele Towers – Colorado

My chronic digestive disorder and discomfort had elevated to a severe condition when I spoke with Connie. She made several simple dietary suggestions. Her approach, using plant based foods and supplementation changed my world! I no longer suffer from digestive distress. Thanks, Connie!!
Peggy G. – Colorado

Connie helped me understand the importance and benefit of using a plant based diet and supplements to naturally regulate my blood sugar imbalances. In the past ten months of following Connie’s nutritional plan, my energy levels have stabilized so now I no longer experience the “highs and lows” throughout the day. Even my physician was pleased to see my healthier lab reports. I’m experiencing better overall health as well as noticing a decrease in the bouts of respiratory issues.
Joan M. – Colorado

Connie comes into my home one day a week and brings sanity to my kitchen! She organizes my pantry and refrigerator, makes my grocery shopping list and suggests menus to get my busy family through the weekend. Occasionally she purchases our groceries, saving me time, energy and impulse purchases! This organization helps keep my family on track, so I can purchase the food we need to prepare wholesome recipes rather than frequently eating out.
Jennifer N. – Colorado

My job is highly stressful, my diet is irregular and my health is up & down. Connie has given me valuable information to bring balance into my health using essential oil therapy and Oxygen Steam Therapy. Her nutrition coaching keeps my on track even when my schedule is crazy.
Jennifer D., Age 31 – Colorado

I’ve seen Connie for several years now and have benefitted greatly from her knowledge of “Whole-wellness,” especially in the areas of internal cleansing (which didn’t seem like detoxifying!), and essential oil therapy.
Cheryl W., Age 54 – Colorado

I attended Connie’s Summer Wellness Seminar and gained a wealth of Information. It was helpful to learn summer season foods and their benefits to the body, as well as the body’s organs that need attention in the summer. Connie’s knowledge of essential oils helped me through PMS and allergy symptoms.
Carol M., Age 47 – Texas

Connie’s Wellness Coaching saved my sanity at a time when my family was in a vicious cycle of antibiotics, antihistamines and allergy shots which eventually lowered our immune system. Connie kept the information simple, easy to follow, not over-whelming and on the right path for us. As I learned more about the immune function, I kept researching and applying appropriate measures. Gradually the symptoms lessened and the allergy shots were discontinued, doctor visits were greatly reduced and my family felt much better…and that was 16 years ago!
Marla S., Age 49 – Arkansas

I have gained a deeper appreciation for what my body requires of me to operate in maximum wellness. Because of Connie’s passion for wellness, and sharing her knowledge, I now have greater desire to strive for practicing those suggestions on a daily basis. I know of no one as knowledgeable on this subject whom I would rather take advice from.
Susan N., Age 46 – Colorado

Connie’s wellness coaching has kept me, and my 4-year old, from getting sick as often as we once were. I’ve followed Connie’s essential oil therapy and Oxygen Steam Therapy when I started to feel sick, and the symptoms went away much quicker. One year ago, I began the Oxygen Steam Therapy to help me stop smoking and have not smoked in one year.
Stevi L., Age 23 – Colorado