Wellness Coach
Be In Good Health

The demand for new Health Coaches is growing by the day!
This week (February 13-17) has been recognized by Congress as National Health Coach Week.

Rep. Donald Payne Jr. spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives
about the growing need for Health Coaches – see the video below:

Wellness Coaching is a professional service that provides information, insight, feedback and guidance to assist you in changing your current unhealthy habits and behavior to bring about your desired wellness goals.

Connie partners with you to assess your health challenges or desires and helps you design a personalized plan of action to meet your needs.

This coach/client collaboration creates a powerful partnership that allows you to:

  • Do more than you might on your own
  • Create momentum and consistency
  • Take more effective & focused actions
  • Enjoy the journey while improving your health and well-being

Connie helped me understand the importance and benefit of using a plant based diet and supplements to naturally regulate my blood sugar imbalances. In the past ten months of following Connie’s nutritional plan, my energy levels have stabilized so now I no longer experience the “highs and lows” throughout the day. Even my physician was pleased to see my healthier lab reports. I’m experiencing better overall health as well as noticing a decrease in the bouts of respiratory issues.
– Joan M., Colorado

People hire a wellness life coach when they want to . . .

  • Improve health, reduce stress and create balance in life
  • Stop that “out-of-control” feeling with family, work & other daily factors
  • Achieve for personal optimum wellness
  • Reduce stress and illness
  • Slow aging and increase energy levels
  • Stop experiencing seasonal “sick-days”
  • Jump start commitment to a lifelong wellness plan

Connie helped me lose more weight than I believed I could ever lose! I feel great now. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy and brings a spirit of fun to the process, and her recipes are great.”
– Jennifer R., Denver, Colorado

Connie comes into my home one day a week and brings sanity to my kitchen! She organizes my pantry and refrigerator, makes my grocery shopping list and suggests menus to get my busy family through the weekend. Occasionally she purchases our groceries, saving me time, energy and impulse purchases! This organization helps keep my family on track, so I can purchase the food we need to prepare wholesome recipes rather than frequently eating out.
– Jennifer N., Colorado